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In the field of biobanking, integrating clinical, process-related, and epidemiological data is essential for accelerating clinical research.

To meet the high requirements of standardization and quality in sample management, Tecan offers fully automated solutions by leveraging the Fluent® workstation, ensuring optimal efficiency and reliability for your lab.


Automate your workflow to enhance the quality and efficiency of your research.

Our automated solution is designed to streamline biobanking workflows from pre-analytical sample handling processes, including blood fractionation, to the secondary processes of your biological samples for long term storage.

*For downstream workflow solutions, see "RELATED WORKFLOWS" at the bottom of the page.

Our solutions

Sample registration

Register the barcodes of samples using Fluent ID.

  • Accommodates different sized tubes
  • Scalable solution for up to 768 tubes per batch
  • Immediate read effectiveness feedback


Fractionate samples using centrifugation. Buckets for various labware types including vacutainer tubes, which can be handled using the robotic gripper arm (RGA) of the Fluent liquid handling workstation.

  • Temperature controlled (4-90°C)
  • Maximum RCF 4392 x g
  • Simultaneously processes 80x 13/15 mm tubes

Vacutainer tube decapping

Decap vacutainer tubes with screw caps, push on caps as well as rubber bungs. The decapper module is designed for low maintenance and uses a mechatronic design without the need of pressurized air.

  • Tube diameter: 12-17 mm
  • Tube height: 80-120 mm
  • Screw caps, push on caps and rubber bungs
  • Fully mechatronic design that does not require pressurized air

Phase Separator™

Designed for blood fractionation processes, its patented pressure-based technology detects liquid-liquid interfaces and separates neighboring phases, while avoiding the risk of contamination. Integrated into the Fluent Air Flexible Channel Arm™, it delivers up to double the speed of camera-based systems for plasma separation.

  • In-tube Detection. No camera system required.
  • Processes up to 8 samples simultaneously (16 samples with 2 arms). Achieve plasma separation for 24 samples in under 10 minutes.
  • High precision of phase detection – with a deviation of ±0.5 mm reduces risk of cross contamination and ensures reliable downstream analysis.

Sample tube rack barcode scanning

Simultaneously register the barcode of the sample tube rack as well as of all the sample tubes inside the rack. Generate reports ready for importing into you existing data systems.

Tube sorting

Use Tecan’s unique Finger Exchange System (FES) to adapt the gripper fingers to the labware of your workflow, allowing you to handle all labware handling tasks such as plate transport and tube sorting with just one arm.

Sample tube de-capping and recapping

Decap and recap sample tube racks. We support tube racks with 24, 48 or 96 tubes.

Cryogenic storage solutions (-20 °C)

Preserve the quality of your samples by freezing them in a cryogenic temporary store at -20°C directly after processing.